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About us

About Foroozandegan Javdane Tabiat Co.

Foroozandegan Javdane Tabiat Co. started its activity in 2013 by employing experienced staff in livestock input production and marketing. This company has aimed at providing the opportunity of easy and reliable exchange between the suppliers and customers of raw materials, intermediate goods, and final goods. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, senior managers of this company have extensive activities with the goal of the company’s growth and advance.

Foroozandegan Javdane Tabiat Co. is ready to directly send quality products to livestock and poultry farms all over the country in order to support livestock and poultry food producers.

Foroozandegan Javdane Tabiat Group also works in the area of livestock food import. Employing specialized forces, providing accessibility in all days and at any time, and offering reasonable prices and high quality, this company has attracted the customers’ trust all over the country.

This website tries to provide an appropriate opportunity for easy and reliable exchange between the business owners. It collaborates with the most important suppliers of livestock inputs to provide the opportunity of a reliable and risk free purchase for the producers and distributors of this industry.

The capital of Foroozandegan Javdane Tabiat Co. is its customers’ trust. This company is aimed at making win-win deals.

We hope that the efforts of this group become a step towards qualitative and quantitative promotion of livestock and poultry farms and our county’s progress. We hope to create a useful means of communication for you by your collaborations.